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Self Employed TAX RETURNS

Low cost online tax return completion for self employed, freelancers and sole traders.



Self Employed Tax Returns

If you’re self employed then you’ll need to tell the tax man about the money you’ve earned and how much you spent to earn that money.

This needs to be included in your self assessment tax return, which must be submitted every year. You can claim for items such as travel costs, mobile phone calls and for using your home as an office, but there are a whole host of other expenses you may also be entitled to claim for. If you’re looking to remove the stress from filing your tax return, or simply don’t have time to get bogged down in all the paperwork, call us today.

How we can help

We only work with individuals like the self-employed, possessing comprehensive freelancer and sole trader tax expertise.

We’ll discuss your situation with you in detail helping us to identify all of the expenses that you should be claiming for.

Qualified Accountants for the Self Employed​

One of our qualified accountants in self-employed tax law will talk you through all of the finer points to ensure that you are not missing any ways to minimise your tax liability.

Then, once we have the information from you, we’ll complete the tax return for you and submit it online to HMRC

Self employed tax return help

What expenses can I claim as a Sole Trader?​

  • Cost of sales
  • Interest and finance charges
  • Accountancy fees
  • Legal fees
  • Recruitment fees
  • Use of home as office
  • Rent
  • Advertising
  • Business travel on public transport
  • Business travel in own vehicle
  • Equipment
  • Small tools
  • Repairs and renewals of property and equipment
  • Business insurance
  • Training and courses
  • Protective clothing
  • Subscriptions to professional bodies
  • Wages and staff costs

Your Tax Return completed accurately and efficiently online


What our clients say...


"I have used these guys for years, highly recommend Tax Returners"

J Robertson - Consultant

"Not just there at end of year, can call them anytime I don't understand what the taxman wants!"

R Land - Engineer

"Customer care is second to none. Highly recommend these guys!"

B Skates - Facilitator