Who Uses Us?

Self Employed

We help hundreds of self-employed individuals and freelancers all over the UK, from graphic designers and web developers to tax drivers and window cleaners.


If you work under the construction industry scheme you’ll need to complete a tax return, we can help. You may even get a refund!


Renting a property out can mean that the Tax man want you to complete a tax return. We can help from start to finish.


Small limited companies still need to file annual accounts and company tax return forms, just like large companies. We have a solution which is realistic and cost effective for small companies which means you do not get charged for services you really don't require.


We understand partnerships and have years of experience looking after them. We can complete the partnership tax return, and tax returns for each of the individual partners. We’ll offer advise on what business expenses can be claimed and how to split profits.

High Earners

If you earn more than £100,000 you need to complete a tax return. Being on the wrong PAYE tax code, falling foul of the reduced pension taper relief allowance rules and the taxation of share options can be a challenge. We can help with all these things and more!

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