Self Assessment Tax Return Price Guide

£ 95
  • You earned less than £100,000 from one employer
  • You earned more than £100,000 or had more than one employer
  • You have employment benefits or expenses to claim
  • You are a director of your own limited company
£ 145
  • You are self employed
  • You need to complete a partnership tax return
  • You are a landlord with one or two properties
£ 195
  • You are a landlord with three or more properties
  • You need to complete a CIS tax return**
  • You have foreign income
  • You need to complete the residence and remittance tax return sections
  • You are self employed and VAT registered
  • You have a capital gain

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*Due to the volume of work we have in November, December and January we do have some fees in addition to our standard fees listed above.

They are as follows:

November/December: additional £50 
January: additional £75 

**We charge an additional £50 if we take our fee from your CIS tax refund

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