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How It Works

Our three steps to successful Tax Return Completion


You can call us directly on 01992 911253 or you can send us a message and we’ll call you back within one working day.

You’ll speak to one of our experienced tax advisors who’ll give you all the time you need to be able to gain an understanding of your circumstances so they can help you fully.

They’ll let you know exactly what information and documentation we’ll need to complete your tax return.

Once you’re happy we’ll take secure payment over the phone or by bank transfer.


Your allocated tax expert will work together with you to get the information together in the most painless way possible!

If you feel you need it, we will also give free advice on how to keep your information together in the future, to make life easier next year.


Once we’ve received all your information we’ll complete your tax return.

We will let you know how much tax to pay or how much your refund is, whichever the case. We’ll give you all the information you need to be able to pay the tax due or claim the rebate.

Once happy to, you can approve the tax return and we will file on your behalf.

Your Tax Return completed accurately and efficiently online